Food Photography

Living in regional Tasmania I am surrounded by some of the world's best produce. I love helping to showcase the products made by my clients to highlight their fresh ingredients and beauty of what comes out of their kitchens, factories, farms and gardens.

I have photographed 2 cooks books, Bream Creek Farmers Market - The Cook Book, and Under the Tree for Fahan School. I have photographed for many cooks and chefs and featured in numerous publications including the cover of Sally Wise's best seller, Slow Cooker and in Garlic Feast a collaborative cook book celebrating all things garlic by Janice Sutton.


Tasmanian Bakeries.

For three generations, the Gough family business has been taking the best local ingredients and creating pies and pastries enjoyed across Tasmania. This above image is of the chicken and fennel pie from their hand made Alfred Gough range.

GreenSoup square

Tongola Cheese

Tongola produces goat cheese from the milk of their goats, who have been raised on our farm, Leap Farm, located in the idyllic hills of the lower east coast of Tasmania. The above image is for their "green soup" full of vegetables and flavoured with a big dollop of their Zoe cheese on top.


Tongola Cheese

This cheese cake made with Tongola curdy cheese and brown sugar was as delicious as it looks.


Cape Bernier

This is a delicately balanced dry rosé made from it’s own dedicated block of hand-selected grapes in Southern Tasmania. 


Bream Creek Farmers Market The Cook Book

This crayfish spaghetti is one of my favourite images from the Bream Creek Farmers Market Cook Book. Not just because of the bold colours but Eloise Emmetts recipe is just so quintessentially Tasmanian.